The School of Etiquette and Success

We offer a comprehensive etiquette, social skills and leadership training program for teenagers and college age young adults. Our programs offer a unique holistic approach to manners and life skills, developed based on what teens and young adults need to know to feel comfortable and prepared at school as well as in the world. Our programs help teens and young adults develop and present their best selves.

What is Confidence? What is Charm?
Confidence comes from knowing how to navigate life situations using a wide range of skills. Charm is the skill and the ability to connect with others and put them at ease. It is a skill anyone can earn. The foundation for confidence and charm is etiquette. Etiquette principles are the foundation of our training.

The curriculum is as follows:

The Emerging Leaders Program (Eleap)

This Program prepares teens to lead themselves and others, today and in the future. Eleap is an age appropriate version of the Social Graces and Business Protocols topics presented to professional adults such as resolving conflict, business meeting protocols, business introductions, workplace etiquette.

The Manners and Etiquette Program

Manners A to Z, Meetings and Introductions, Handshakes, Conversational Skills, Telephone and Computer Etiquette, The Etiquette of Public Places, Speaking in Public, Correspondence, Thank you Notes, Respect for Elders, Family Etiquette

The Dining Program

ABC’s of Dining, Table Manners, Invitations, Do’s and Taboos of Dining, Tipping, Hosts and Hostesses, Joint Check, Table Settings, Dining interviews

The Empowerment Program

Dating, Cliques, Peer Pressure, Resolving Conflict, Managing Anger, Creative Problem Solving, Communicating with Impact, Social Skill in a Multicultural World, Workplace Etiquette

The Gentlemen's Class

A male’s only etiquette seminar for teens ages 14-17. The seminar will cover: Manners ARE cool, family manners, making introductions, asking someone out, breaking up, table manners, proms, dances and social occasions, handling bigots, bullies and bad behavior and walking your talk, social media, and electronic communication


A coaching program for teenage girls is a customized program for 5 to 8 girls that include topics from the Manners and Etiquette Program, the Dining Program and The Empowerment Program based on what the group wants to discuss. Gracious meets for a minimum of 5 sessions for an hour. Some popular topics within these coaching circles have been self respect, sexting, at the mall, behavior in public places, dating, social etiquette, dining, peer pressure, mean girls, and boys, boys, boys.

Interview Preparation

We work with high schools to offer prep classes on interviewing for college acceptance, and interviewing for jobs.

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