Meet Doris Young Boyer

Doris Young Boyer is an International Etiquette and Protocol Consultant and Human Resources professional with proven expertise and experience in the core issues professionals and organizations face on a daily basis

Ms. Boyer has twenty years management and leadership experience with corporations as well as with not for profit organizations and educational institutions in positions of increasing responsibility and exposure. She traveled extensively in Europe representing a major corporation to its subsidiaries.

Doris speaks, leads seminars, writes and consults on ways to help people align their behavior with their goals to ensure they are consistently moving toward success, not away from it. Her clients achieve positive results.

Ms. Boyer is President of A Sense of Grace which provides speeches, seminars and coaching on Social Graces and Business Protocols.

She is an active Member of the National Speakers Association and Toastmasters. She has been quoted in prominent business publications, magazines and newspapers. Doris has appeared on radio and television.

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“Doris’s greatest contribution to the Chapter has been her grace and ability to bring people together to keep our Chapter healthy and growing. Her style is always to solve the problem or issue in a positive way, respecting the individuals involved and providing the leadership and friendship for that to happen."

Jack and Jill of America, Inc.
North Jersey Chapter