A SENSE OF GRACE is an etiquette and protocol consulting firm.
We provide our clients with skills and strategies for powerful, gracious and confident conduct in business and social situations. Our experience and expertise prove that manners, business etiquette, social graces and leadership protocol training provide the foundation for individual effectiveness and organizational success.


  • Your cell phone rings during a client lunch or when you are with someone with whom you are building a relationship?
  • Your boss wants to meet a valued client?
  • You are attending a formal dinner with an intricate place setting?

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Ringing Cell Phone: Apologize and turn the cell phone off or to a non-intrusive mode. Give the person you are with your complete attention.

Introductions: Introduce your boss TO the client. The client has the "status" in this situation. "Mr. Client, please meet Mr. President of our Company."

Silverware at a Formal Dinner: Begin using utensils farthest from the plate and continue this process with successive courses.

EtiQuettePower®(EQP®) is the confidence that comes from knowing how to navigate business and social situations through manners, global business etiquette, social graces and leadership protocols. Our mission is to increase your EQP®.

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  • Give bad news to an underperforming employee?
  • Handle their two best employees who are feuding in public?
  • Handle workplace rudeness with grace and skill?
  • Project confidence in the international arena?
  • Positively represent themselves and your company?
  • Provide first class customer service to ensure repeat business?

According to our clients, these are some of the etiquette and protocol challenges faced by individuals and organizations.

A SENSE OF GRACE provides solutions for these challenges.

Our speeches, seminars and coaching on manners, business etiquette, social graces and leadership protocols provide the following benefits:

• Increased skill in business and social situations
• Enhanced skill in resolving conflict
• Effective Interpersonal communication
• Improved workplace civility and culture
• Effective team leadership
• Achievement of individual and organizational goals
• Enhanced employee performance
• Enhanced relationships
• Increased levels of respect and trust in the workplace

Our programs prepare individuals and organizations to confidently and powerfully meet the challenges of a complex and changing world and workplace through manners, business etiquette, social graces and leadership protocols. We can meet your needs through our standard or customized programs. Click for our services.
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Doris Young Boyer, President of A Sense of Grace, is a dynamic communicator with expertise and experience in the leadership and relationship issues that corporations and individuals face on a consistent basis. She works with her clients to increase confidence, performance and effectiveness.

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